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About Chimoney

Chimoney makes value move. With Chimoney, you can get and send #airtime, #crypto, #swag. for your community, team, giveaway, employees, events, hackathons, family.
With Chimoney, developers and companies can enable platform users to redeem crypto, airtime, cash and more using the Chimoney API.


    Payout Mobile Money: 4 countries are supported. See the API​
    Payout Airtime: 13 countries are supported. See the API​
    Payout Chimoney: Works globally and user can exchange Chimoney for Airtime, Crypto, Mobile Money, Gift Card and more. See the API​
See all endpoints here.

Chimoney API

By default, Chimoney is designed for bulk transactions. Hence, all payouts can go to one or more receivers.


Chimoney Object

valueInUSD, // amount to send
email, // Required if twitter is not provided.
twitter, // Required if email is not provided. Uses email if it is also provided
enabledToRedeem, // A array of assets enabled for this transaction. Optional.

enabledToRedeem array

An array of supported assets to be redeemed. Useful for:
    restricting what receivers can get with their Chimoney
    linking a transaction to a particular asset in the instance that you want the receivers to redeem the linked asset
Get a list of supported assets using the /info/assets endpoint.

Sub accounts

A parent account can have one more more sub accounts.
Sub accounts can call many of the other endpoints via their parent.
To perform a transaction as a sub account, pass the `subAccount` id to the body of any API call and you will be perform the transaction as that account. For example:
    payout from a subaccount wallet
    check sub account balance
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