Chimoney Object ✌

Where it begins...✨
valueInUSD, // amount to send
email, // Required if twitter is not provided.
twitter, // Required if email is not provided. Uses email if it is also provided
enabledToRedeem, // A array of assets enabled for this transaction. Optional.
enabledToRedeem array
An array of supported assets to be redeemed. Useful for:
  • restricting what receivers can get with their Chimoney
  • linking a transaction to a particular asset in the instance that you want the receivers to redeem the linked asset
Get a list of supported assets using the /info/assets endpoint.

Sub accounts

A parent account can have one more more sub accounts.
Sub accounts can call many of the other endpoints via their parent.
To perform a transaction as a sub account, pass the `subAccount` id to the body of any API call and you will be perform the transaction as that account. For example:
  • payout from a subaccount wallet
  • check sub account balance
  • etc