Enable spending of cUSD on products and services

This section explains how to unleash utility for your token by enabling in-app spending in your web or mobile app.

  1. Create an account at dash.chimoney.io

  2. Email support@chimoney.io to request "Verification and API Access". Include links to your website and tell us a little more about your use case. Alternatively, DM @uchiuchibeke on Twitter

  3. Pick a Chimoney API Plan and pay the subscription fee

  4. Once you are approved, follow the steps below to integrate:

    1. Get products and services with the info/assets endpoint

    2. Initiate a spend using the payouts/initiate-chimoney endpoint.

      1. You're not charged for this

      2. Depending on the type of purchase/spend, you need to include certain fields

        1. Gift Card must have a type=giftcard and redeemData object with the productId and countryCode fields set. productId and countryCode fields come from set 4.1 above

        2. Mobile money must have a type=momo and momoCode, phoneNumber and email field. These come from 4.1

        3. Airtime must have a type=airtime and country and phoneNumber field. Country is iso country code and can be gotten from /info/airtime-countries endpoint. These come from 4.1

    3. Create a CELO transaction that delivers cUSD to Chimoney's address. Include the issueID as an stringified object in the transaction comment eg {issueID: issueID}. The issueID is returned from step 3.2 above

    4. Submit and confirm the transaction

    5. After confirmation, redirect to https://chispend.com/process/celo/confirm?txid=TXID where TXID is the celo transaction hash/id

    6. The product is instantly delivered to the user after we confirm the payment, in most cases. For Gift Cards, we use the emails passed in redeemData and for Airtime and Mobile Money, we use phoneNumber.

    7. Other considerations

      1. Payout to banks in supported countries is not enabled by default but we support 10+ countries. Email us to enable the addon

      2. Get live exchange rate for the country using /info/usd-amount-in-local

    8. For support or payment issues, users will usually contact our support team and we will handle any issues from our end

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