Enable spending of XRP + XRPL issued currencies

This section explains how to unleash utility for your token by enabling in-app spending in your web or mobile app.

  1. Create an account at dash.chimoney.io

  2. Email support@chimoney.io to request "Verification and API Access". Include links to your website and tell us a little more about your use case. Alternatively, DM @uchiuchibeke on Twitter

  3. Once you are approved, follow the steps below to integrate:

    1. Get products and services with the info/assets endpoint

    2. Initiate a spend using the payouts/initiate-chimoney endpoint.

      1. You're not charged for this

      2. Depending on the type of purchase/spend, please include the fields below

        1. Gift Card must have a type=giftcard and redeemData object with the productId and countryCode fields set. productId and countryCode fields come from set 3.1 above

        2. Mobile money must have a type=momo and momoCode, phoneNumber and email field

        3. Airtime must have a type=airtime and country and phoneNumber field. Country is iso country code and can be gotten from /info/airtime-countries endpoint

    3. Step 2 returns a payload for XRP payments. If a currency and issuer are passed, a payload for paying with that currency is returned.

    4. Present the payload to the user to sign

    5. The product is delivered to the user after they send the payment

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