Payout to Banks

This section explains how to unleash utility for your token by enabling in-app spending in your web or mobile app.

  1. Create an account at

  2. Email to request "Verification and API Access". Include links to your website and tell us a little more about your use case. Alternatively, DM @uchiuchibeke on Twitter

  3. Pick an API plan and pay the subscription fee

  4. Once you are approved, follow the steps below to integrate:

    1. Get a list of banks and their codes

      1. Supported Bank countries are listed at

      2. Get bank codes and names using /info/country-banks

    2. Send a request to payout to a bank using the bank info from step 1.2 and the user's bank account number

      1. Send the request using the endpoint /payouts/bank

    3. Verify the payment by looking at the response from 2.1

    4. Setup Webhooks to monitor transactions (WIP)

  5. Other considerations

    1. Get live exchange rate for the country using /info/usd-amount-in-local

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